We Are Building A New Home

We are the fourth largest home manufacturer in the United States and an innovator in the manufactured housing industry. We offer you new homes where you can enjoy and stay with your family.

Manufactured housing stock offers a whole range of apartments, and we help to make quality housing as affordable as ever. If you want to take your new apartment and live happily and contentedly in it, we can do something for you. Depending on your budget, you can choose an apartment that suits you. In the last few months, we have increased the value of the company by 8% for our shareholders, despite the economy. Until the sales paper is sorted out, the purchase is not legal.

Manufactured Housing Stock

We sell and finance manufactured homes and houses that are on the small and large market or owned by the company. We offer a number of good and quality homes in different sizes, from 1-5 bedrooms, and with one or more bathrooms, a luxurious balcony. You have apartments at different prices. When building a building, you can look at the work plan, and opt for one apartment if that is enough for you. For each apartment, you have a separate plan, where you can see where there will be which bathroom and where there will be each room. You can always decide and wait for everything to be nicely prepared and finished. It is definitely a new construction, so the heating is good and the walls are not thin.

Manufactured housing stock can find you a home for life. To find a home where you will be with your family for the rest of your life, and not to move and look for new apartments where you will be tenants. You can always contact us to choose an apartment.